Jamieson Vitamin D Drops 1000IU - 11.4mL

Vitamin D is fundamental for good health and promotes bone and dental health. Very few foods naturally contain Vitamin D, while heavy clothing, cloudy weather and sun avoidance can all inhibit the body’s natural ability to produce it. It is believed that almost two-thirds of Canadians receive insufficient levels of Vitamin D for optimal health.


  • Easy-to-take and absorb Vitamin D3 in droplet form 
  • Helps in the maintenance and development of bones and teeth
  • Helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorous 
  • Helps maintain a stronger immune system and overall health

Directions: Adults take 1 droplet daily.

Each droplet contains: Vitamin D3 ... 25 mcg / 1000 IU (Cholecalciferol)

Also Contains: Medium chain triglycerides

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