Hylo Dual Eye Drops Lubricating - 10mL


  • Offers immediate comfort (no stinging upon application), moisturizes and protects your eyes from dryness and irritation for a long time.
  • Is preservative free and usually very well tolerated.
  • Is phosphate free, avoiding complications like deposits on the cornea.

  • Is emulgator free and lipid free, nonetheless stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and protects the eyes against the excessive evaporation of tears
  • Relieves itching and burning caused by inflammation and allergies.
  • HYLO®-DUAL can be used while wearing hard and soft contact lenses.

0.5mg/ml Sodium Hyaluronate, 20mg/ml Ectoine, a borate buffer and water.

Generally, adults and children 6 years and older can instill one drop of HYLO®-DUAL three times a day into each eye. If you apply HYLO®-DUAL more frequently (e.g.: more than 10 times per day) or suffer from more severe complaints, please consult your ophthalmologist or optometrist. HYLO®-DUAL is suitable for long-term treatment. As with all health concerns, you should consult your doctor when your symptoms persist.

Store below 25°C.

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